Studio Work

We booked out Studio 1 for the 13th November so that we could begin recording our narrator. At first, I thought it would be a good idea to record the show live and using myriad to insert our clips around the narration, however this didn’t happen.

The script needing adjusting after listening to our clips and seeing which ones would fit better and where. This meant that we then had to re-record some of the clips of Ben. Lewis had edited all of the audio from the interviews and is aiming to get it all done for Friday 16th – this means putting all the narration in with the clips.

We recorded Ben speaking his clips with me, Gemma, on the desk, watching the levels and Lewis recording and watching it in Adobe Audition to check that the sound wasn’t distorted.

It proved to be a very successful meeting and we got a lot accomplished in that short space. We’ve decided on another meeting on Friday where we are hoping we will have finished the feature and the paperwork so the website can be updated over the weekend to be ready for Monday.

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