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Halfway through the project we presented our work and progress so far. There was a Powerpoint (which is pictured below) with accompanying sounds as well as a script. – Shawn Burton on Discipline. – Vox-Pops taken from Lincoln Fight Factory.

Working Progress for Radio – SCRIPT
Insight – Martial Arts

For our radio feature, we decided to look at Martial Arts and the stereotypes assumed with it. We wanted to try and challenge people’s perceptions of the sport by gaining a range of interviews from professional Martial Arts competitors and teachers and recording vox-pops from members of the public as well as the students of the sport.

Our aims and objectives are to understand how members of the public perceive the sport and why whilst comparing to the experiences of Martial Arts participators. We want to provide a non-bias feature sharing a variety of thoughts and opinions so that the public can be better informed about the sports that come under Martial Arts – such as Judo, Kick-boxing and Karate. We aim to be clear, concise and sympathetic to both sides of this debate on whether martial arts is too dangerous.

The audience that we are aiming for isn’t limited to a certain type. Our primary listeners would be 18 – 30 years as we aim to make the feature informal, informative and impartial. They could possibly have an interest in Martial Arts, or know nothing about it, but as a lot of the professionals interviewed are from the same age range and we are looking at Martial Arts as being a way of being fit, we think it would suit this audience more preferably.
Our secondary audience are for those slightly older, such as 35 – 55 years. These may have an interest in the feature as they may be parents whose children wish to get involved in a sport and are perhaps wanting to find out more about whether Martial Arts is a possible option for them. They may also have an interest in the sports themselves so this is a good platform for them to be introduced to Martial Arts.

When choosing our Radio station, we would want something that would be easily accessed by the local community as they will feature prominently in the feature. So, our ideal station would be Siren FM as it is a community radio station, focuses on producing programmes for the age range of 9 to 25 years and has a high level of local stories for the local people. They air experimental pieces as well as features which would be a good platform to air our own feature on.

We have several key contributors which have all agreed to do an interview. Firstly, we have already interviewed Shawn Burton, owner of Lincoln Fight Club and a top fighter in the world of kick-boxing. (PLAY AUDIO). We also managed to get some vox-pops from the same gym (PLAY AUDIO). Other contributors include the Karate Society – teacher and pupils. Hopeful 2016 Judo Paralympian – Chris Skelly, and S2C8 gym members and coach – Andy Norman and Matt Frost who we are interviewing tomorrow night.

For our feature, we’ve decided to use a narrator so that we can have links between the interviews and vox-pops. To help the audience differentiate between the narrator and interviews, we will use a music bed behind the links, often well-known songs such as kung-foo fighting – which may be cliché but we want to add a hint of humour which will also reinforce the topic of martial arts. The music will also be linked to possible influences as to why people become interested in martial arts, such as films, like The Karate Kid or Rush Hour, and games like Dead or Alive or even Kung Fu Panda – a children’s animated film and game.

A lot of our research for the feature will be gained from interviews as well as our own research on the history of the sports. This will mainly be internet-based as it is a more efficient way of using our time. We will also try and find statistics, such as finding how many people take part in the sport on a national basis, how many fights have been caused because of the knowledge of martial arts and who is more likely to be interested in learning the sport. We also listened to examples of other features and liked some of their features, for example beginning with a location sound of a race in the feature Youth in Motorsport, we would like to use something similar and get archive audio footage from a UFC fight competition.

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