Our Idea

This is the introduction to our idea. We wanted to look at public perceptions of Martial Arts as it hasn’t always had the best reception. The extract below is taken from our proposal.


Martial Arts hasn’t always had a positive impact on the community. It is often perceived as being aggressive, dangerous and intimidating; but this 15 minute documentary will investigate public perceptions and assumptions combined with the personal experiences of the Martial Arts contestants and teachers to hopefully resolve the issues some may have with the sport. Music and sounds will help to reinforce the topic and add validity to the interviews and Vox-Pops. Martial Arts will cover the UFC (Ultimate Fight Club), Karate, Boxing and Judo and will explore a brief history as to why they’re still being enjoyed centuries later by looking at possible influences on the people themselves.

Aims and Objectives:

  • Challenge public perceptions of Martial Arts and understand how these perceptions have been formed.
  • Explore the history of the sports.
  • Look at possible influences on why people join Martial Arts (for example, films, games and music)
  • Interview important figures in the Martial Arts world for their opinions and experiences.


The feature will depend on research gained from contributors from the various sports, including several interview clips immersed within the narrative, as well as Vox-Pops from the general public. It will be narrator led with the script reflecting the fast-paced action of Martial Arts. Sound effects and music will also help to reinforce location and the topic of the feature.


This would suit Siren FM as it is a local community radio reflecting public opinions and uses experimental features in its programming. Either a daytime slot or evening slot (such as 6pm) would allow the feature to target its local, young audience.
BBC Radio 4 may also be interested in the feature as it explores hobbies and broadcasts experimental features that appeal to a wide audience but mainly working families. It will reach out to parents who are considering activities for their children to participate in, possibly defence classes such as Karate.
Brayford Radio would also suit this feature as the university has a Karate Society on site and some students are active in other martial arts sports that are local as well as in their home towns. It could be included as a podcast on the website.

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