Examples which helped!

To help us with our own feature, and especially the making of the blog, we looked at previous students work. Below are the links to a few that helped us with an explanation as to why. Enjoy listening to them and exploring their blogs as much as we did!


This was a particular help with the layout of the Blog. The tool bar at the top and menus at the side really helped to navigate around the site and find specifically what you were looking for.
The introduction to their actual feature was also interesting. Rather than have a narrator introduce the piece, they relied on music associated with cinema and Vox-Pops to imply what the feature is about before explaining themselves.

This blog uses a lot of their own pictures which really helps to brand their production. I did have an issue with trying to find their feature to listen to, so I know that on this blog, I need to make it easy to see and access.
Similar to the previous student work, they also began with Vox-Pops. As this is beginning to prove quite a popular technique, this may be something that we will avoid. The use of sound effects, such as footsteps when the narrator says about walking to a destination, helps to reinforce what she’s discussing. SFX are something we will most likely include to reinforce the topic of Martial Arts.

The language used in this blog is very informal. For their type of target audience, obviously young females, this is something that works, however for our blog it will most likely be quite formal as it becomes easier to read for our audiences. The use of colour reflects their topic and that is something I will include in this blog – hopefully!
I like that use of descriptive language that they use in their feature to describe the location of the interview and what they are doing. This really works well as it is very informal and chatty, making the audience feel like their joining in. Everything about this project reflects their topic of women, from the narrator to the language to the interviewees. It is very female-friendly. Our narrator will share a similar tone through his own knowledge and interest of Martial Arts.

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